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Scheduling an automobile road test:  Please have the driver's license number (located on the Level I License or Temporary Instructional Permit) the Segment 2 Certificate (if under 18) and the birthdate of the applicant taking the test.  We can not schedule a test without this information.  The tests must be prepaid while scheduling the appointment and we do require at least a 48 hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel for a refund.  We accept cash or credit/debit card (no checks).  We do have a vehicle for rent for an additional $30 when available.

Your vehicle must be in good working order according to page 11 of the Road Test Study Guide book.

The test begins in our office so please bring ALL documents into the office at the time of your appointment. 

What to Bring for Automobile Road Test

Adults (18 and over)

  • Michigan Temporary Instructional Permit  (30 days met or waived and every number must be readable)

  • Proof of current Insurance

  • Proof of current Registration

Under 18

  • ​Level 1 License (held for at least 6 months and every number must be readable)

  • Driving Log (50 hours/10 of which were at night)

  • Segment Two completion certificate

  • Proof of current Insurance

  • Proof of current Registration​

  • Parent/legal guardian (no siblings, friends, pets, etc.)

  • Rear seating is required

  • A portion of the test is conducted outside in the parking lot so please bring a coat, hat, gloves or umbrella if necessary. 

Rescheduling Fees

  • $40 for improper or missing documents

  • $40 for failure of vehicle inspection

  • $60 for failure of any part of the road test

Every road test begins in our office.  Please bring all of your paperwork including the Insurance and Registration

upstairs to Suite 216 to get started.

Driving skills test results are not uploaded to the SOS system until the end of the day and then processed over night.  Please wait until after 8 A.M. the following day to obtain your new status with the SOS.

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